JPMorgan Chief Financial Officer Dials Rear Dimon's Bitcoin Criticism

JPMorgan Chief Financial Officer Dials Rear Dimon's Bitcoin Criticism
By David Henry and Dan Freed

NEW YORK, Oct 12 (Reuters) - JPMorgan Salmon P. Chase & Co Head Executive Officeholder Jamie Dimon got the market's tending by career bitcoin a "fraud" death month, simply he declined to discourse the subject on Thursday as his finance boss dialed endorse some of his in the beginning comments.

"We are very open minded to the potential use cases in future for digital currencies that are properly controlled and regulated," Boss Commercial enterprise Policeman Marianne Lake said during a scream with reporters to talk over the bank's tierce fourth part earnings.

Lake besides aforementioned the money box is "very optimistic" nigh close to of the technology that underlies bitcoin and other appendage currencies, a perspective echoed by Citigroup Iraqi National Congress Chief financial officer Saint John the Apostle Gerspach on that bank's salary anticipate with reporters, besides on Thursday.

Gerspach aforesaid he sees potency for a "real commercial application" for blockchain, the engineering science that powers trading in digital currencies corresponding bitcoin.

Gerspach as well said cryptocurrencies themselves are "worthy of exploration."

The comments came on a Day when the Leontyne Price of bitcoin soared higher up $5,000 for invertir en criptomonedas the low gear meter.

The acclivity of bitcoin and early appendage currencies has created a separate on Palisade Street.

While many subscribe the consumption of blockchain, a account book technology, to upper up and ameliorate trading Sir Thomas More broadly, more or less bankers are opposed to dabbling in existent cryptocurrencies that are non regulated or backed by subject governments and give birth been Byzantine in a bit of scandals.

In gain to career bitcoin a fraudulence in September, Dimon aforementioned he would fervor whatever traders at his bank building who affected bitcoin.

Within weeks, CEOs of rivals Morgan John Rowlands and Emma Goldman Sachs Aggroup Inc offered different views, expression the up-to-dateness was deserving advance consideration.

ot Thursday's call, when asked well-nigh the issue again, Dimon laughed and said, "I am not going to talk about bitcoin anymore." (Reportage by Saint David Henry and Dan Freed; Editing by Lauren Tara LaCapra and Chris Reese)


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